A “Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag” (Certificate of Good Conduct) (VOG) is required for example when applying for a “Toelating van Rechtswege”. The Sint Maarten House completes a part of the application form for you on behalf of the government of Sint Maarten.

After processing by the Sint Maarten house,  you can go to the municipality where you are registered at the time for further processing.

In addition, the municipality will charge costs for your VOG request.  If you are you no longer registered in the Netherlands, you can digitally submit your application via www.justis.nl.

You can submit your application for a VOG with the Sint Maarten House in 3 ways:

1. In person:

  • Make an appointment
  • Bring a valid passport

2. Submit your application by mail:

  • Fill out the VOG application form from question 1 to 1.2 and sign it.
  • Enclose a full color copy of your valid passport
  • Mail your documents to: Prinsessegracht # 7, 2514 AN, The Hague to the attention of Ms.V.Illidge, including a stamped retour enveloppe.
  • After processing by the Sint Maarten house we will mail your application back to you in the stamped retour enveloppe you provided. 

3. E-mail your application

  • Fill out the VOG application form from question 1 to 1.2 and sign it.
  • Enclose a scan of your valid passport
  • Mail the application form and required documents to: consulair@kgmsxm.nl

You can download the VOG form here

The legalization of a document confirms that a document has been issued by a person or institution authorized to do so (for example, an accredited foreign institution). Legalization ensures that the signature on the document actually comes from that person or institution. A document that is signed by various authorities must have these different signatures notarized. After going through this “legalization chain” you can use the document in The Netherlands.

A document from Sint Maarten first has to be legalized by the Department of Foreign Relations (also known as DBB) of the Government of Sint Maarten before it can be legalized by the Sint Maarten House. After legalization by the Sint Maarten House, the document will need to be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In order to obtain an Attestatie de Vita you will have to make an appointment using the digital agenda or by phone.

You will need the following documents for your Attestatie de Vita:

  1. Valid ID.
  2. Allocation decision of benefit agency.

You can download the Life Certificate form here.