Veronique Javois celebrates 100th birthday with family and friends

MARIGOT-St. James resident Veronique Javois celebrated her 100th birthday with a grand party organised by her family and District Council Five in the restaurant of the Lycee, Marigot, on Saturday night.

Few of us will ever hope to reach that grand age, let alone stay up for party in our honour that ends around midnight. But that showed her extraordinary fortitude and despite some deafness she was able to absorb and enjoy the party put on for her. She clearly enjoyed the music and was often seen to be rocking from side to side to the beat of Session Band and singer Addie Richardson.
Veronique arrived around 9:00pm on the arms of close relatives Raymond Lake and Dalie Javois to take her seat, a special chair where adoring family, friends and elected officials greeted her to wish her the best. Read More


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