CFATF is managed by a board and each country is a member with voting rights. We were extremely fortunate to have been given until the November for member states to vote again but we have a lot to do in the meantime. In addition to these 3 laws: Penal Code, Penal Procedure Code and Book 2 of the Civil Code, being passed by parliament, they have to be ratified, implemented, translated into English and evaluated by the CFATF to ensure that they are in line with their recommendations. The National Risk Assessment (NRA) will measure the effectiveness of the laws and we have already engaged the WB to assist us with such. There must be a continuous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that there is a balance.

The misconception that “we just have to talk to the organization and use the hurricane as a reason for the delay” cannot be used any longer and will not fly because we already escaped by a narrow vote from the representing countries. The truth of the matter is that these recommendations have been pending since 2012 – and laws since 2014/5 these are not my “personal laws” but have been pending and previous ministers/administrations were not able to finalize and pass over the last 7 years. read more